The Foreign Media Association (FMA) was founded in December 2018 in Istanbul by several journalists who work since many years in Turkey. It is independent and has no links to any political or commercial institution. The association is registered under Turkish law, with the Turkish name Yabancı Medya Derneği.

The members of the FMA consist of professional media workers who live in Turkey and work for media outlets headquartered abroad. They comprise many different nationalities, including Turkish citizens who are employed by or working for foreign media.

The association is funded by the fees of their members.

Among the FMA members there are staff correspondents of big international media groups as well as freelancers for different outlets, photographers or fixers, i.e. journalists who work locally as part of a bigger team, preparing news coverage. The FMA only accepts members who adhere to the core principles of journalistic ethics.

As an association, we do not take any political stance and do not side with any party. We insist on the right of journalists to do their work free from any political pressure.


The FMA Concept as PDF (click here)FMA konsepti (tıklayın)

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